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Forks rigid 29er

About Forks rigid 29er

29 inch forks - rigid and light

For unworried everyday bikes or the maximum on weight savings on 29 inch race bikes, rigid forks are the best choice. This different range of use results in a large range of value for money 29 inch rigid forks through to light rigid forks made from carbon fibre. You will also find what you are looking for here, whether you ride to work everyday or on the weekend compete in fast XC and marathon races with your 29 inch bike. The fork length of 29" forks is 460 to 480mm long in order to be compatible with modern frames. The rake is average with about 45mm. The steerer is either 1 1/8" or tapered , the dropouts are available for quick releases or for thru-axles. Cantilever sockets are hard to find, however some forks come with fender mounts, bottle cages or luggage rack mounts. So that one is ready for long trips. Some models are also suited to very wide rims and tyres up to 3" wide. Generally referred to as 29+. We can offer you a large range of 29 inch rigid forks from all top brands and for any suitable use.

Forks rigid 29er

In the Forks rigid 29er-Shop you will find a total of 1 different Forks rigid 29er of
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