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EVOC Trail Pro 10L backpack S/M light olive/carbon grey

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EVOC Trail Pro 10L backpack size S/M light olive/carbon grey 86501057 158.74€
MPN 100119327-S/M
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Super light high-end performance in the most compact form

The ultimate combination of maximum protection and optimal back support makes it the perfect protector backpack for ambitious trail riding or racing.


  • Liteshield Plus Back Protector: At 168 g, the extremely light and ergonomically flexible back protector Liteshield Plus has outstanding impact protection properties and absorbs 95% of the impact energy in the event of a fall
  • Airo Flex: Flexible, robust, breathable - firm hold with maximum carrying comfort and ideal load transfer, thanks to medical technology material
  • Brace Link: The Brace Link elements allow the distance between the rucksack straps to be individually adapted to the athlete's shoulder width
  • Body Hugging: Spacious hip fins grow out of the main volume and ensure optimal weight transfer and a perfect, comfortable hold. The backpack "hugs" the body
  • Air Circulation: A constant, free air circulation is guaranteed by the vertically guided air duct. This ensures optimal ventilation and prevents the sensitive kidney area from cooling down, even with high levels of exertion and perspiration
  • Multifunctional Loops: Multifunctional fastening loops
  • Hip Belt Pouch: hip belt pocket
  • Sunglass Pocket: glasses pocket
  • Hydration Clip: Clip to hold the drinking tube in place
  • Mobile Phone Pocket: Compartment for the mobile phone
  • 2-Step Zip System: Better organizational management of the content thanks to the special zip guide
  • Extra Wide Hip Wings: Extra wide hip wings
  • Hydration Compartment System: hydration bladder compartment
  • Tool Compartment: tool compartment
  • Signal Whistle: signal whistle
  • Seamless Shoulder Straps: Seamless shoulder straps
  • Emergency plan: emergency plan
  • Backlight clip: loop to attach your bike rear light


specification Size S / M Size L / XL
Area of application All mountain, cross country, enduro, trail All mountain, cross country, enduro, trail
Type Protector backpack Protector backpack
material Nylon, P200D, Airo Flex Nylon, P200D, Airo Flex
volume 10 liters 10 liters
Dimensions (W x H x D) 26 x 50 x 9 cm 28 x 55 x 7 cm
Compatible with hydration bladder Yes Yes
Hydration bladder included no no
weight approx. 900 g approx. 1000 g

Technologies used

In this chapter we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

Air circulation
Air Circulation is used in all Evoc backpacks, as it ensures optimal ventilation even with high levels of exertion and perspiration and at the same time prevents the sensitive kidney area from cooling down. A constant, free air circulation is guaranteed by the vertically guided air duct. Air can also flow out through the side recesses along the duct.

Airo Flex
Airo Flex describes an extremely stable fabric that is just as air-permeable as it is flexible. It is used in Evoc's high-quality hip belts and ensures optimal load transfer to the hips with maximum ventilation at the same time - for maximum wearing comfort.

Liteshield Plus system
This new, extremely light, flexible and temperature-insensitive back protector has outstanding impact protection properties. The two-component sandwich construction consists of a combination of expanded polypropylene and a TPU carrier layer. The expanded polypropylene beads are shaped under high pressure and with the help of steam and at the same time bonded to the carrier layer without the use of adhesives or other solvents. The highly compressed EPP foam provides the best possible protection for the thoracic and lumbar spine, including the tailbone. The side of the protector facing the back is constructed in cross or plus-shaped elements (segmented plus design). This ensures optimum air circulation on the back thanks to the surrounding ventilation channels that are created in this way. At the same time, the segmentation offers flexibility in all directions: the plus-shaped protector elements of the back plate can be moved towards each other. They adapt perfectly to every movement and, thanks to their proximity to the spine, guarantee even more protection and maximum wearing comfort. The flexible, tear-resistant TPU carrier layer on the front keeps the protector in shape. The horizontally running, stepped flex lines determine how the new LITESHIELD PLUS BACK PROTECTOR bends so that it lies optimally on the back in every situation. The EPP protector material used has a closed-pore surface so that neither moisture nor dirt can penetrate the protector.

Brace link
The Brace Link enables the rucksack straps to be optimally adapted to the athlete's shoulder width. The flexible alignment supports the load distribution on the body's center of gravity, while the contact area with the back and shoulders is minimized. The Brace Link also makes it possible to wear a neck brace.

Body hugging
The main features of the "Body Hugging" fit from EVOC are positioning the backpack as close to the body as possible and distributing the weight over a large area on the hips. Thanks to the optimized connection between the shoulder straps and the wide hip fins that “grow out” of the back panel, the backpack remains reliably and as stable as possible in position during any action - for more comfort and control.

scope of delivery

  • 1 x EVOC Trail Pro 10L backpack (see item description for details)

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