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Ergon IP3 Solestar insoles

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size 36/37 30,34€ 35520587
size 38/39 33,70€ 35520588
size 40/41 29,83€ 35520589
size 42/43 36,05€ 35520590
size 44/45 31,01€ 35520591
size 46/47 31,01€ 35520592
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Ergon IP3 Solestar insoles

"Thanks to the perfect stabilization of the foot, every step has a direct effect on the pedal." Alban Lakata - 2-time marathon world champion.

In order to optimally develop your own performance on the bike, the leg strength must be effectively converted into propulsion. IP3 insoles support and stabilize the flow of power from the legs, over the feet, directly into the pedals. The patented stabilization delta brings the foot into a natural neutral position via three points. The result is an efficient and comfortable movement when pedaling.


  • Use mountain bike / road bike compatible
  • All bike shoes
  • Material top layer: Robust surface made of antibacterial carbon fabric Padding: Orthopedic EVA foam Stabilizing shell: Glass fiber composite
  • Weight: 100 grams / pair (manufacturer information)

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Ergon IP3 Solestar insoles (see item description for details)
Ergon IP3 Solestar insoles size 36/37
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