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Ergon GS1 grips

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size S white 30,93€ 35520163
size S black 30,93€ 35520694
size L white 30,93€ 35520697
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Ergon GS1 handlebar grip - the world champion on the long haul

The handle with 2 world championship titles on the long haul! The Ergon GS1 is the right choice for an optimal balance between comfort and lightweight construction, which is necessary for top endurance athletes. Precise steering feel with optimized damping. The handles guarantee optimal long-distance comfort thanks to the best pressure distribution and stable flex. The GS1 is available for all twist shifter variants.


  • Improved pressure distribution
  • Correction of the hand position
  • Compatible with carbon handlebars

Technologies used

In this chapter we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

Ergon makes the difference
Since hand sizes sometimes vary considerably from person to person, the handles of the GP, GS and GA series are offered as standard in two sizes, small and large. This size difference relates to the reach. This means that a larger hand has a better positive fit on a thicker handle than on a thinner one.

Likewise, a small hand can hold a thinner handle much better than not being able to completely enclose a thicker one. These differences have a direct impact on the overall handling of the bike. The handles of the GA series can be displayed in the same ratio.

scope of delivery

  • 1 pair of Ergon GS1 grips (see item description for details)
Ergon GS1 grips size S white
Ergon GS1 grips size S black
Ergon GS1 grips size L white
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