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DT Competition spokes silver

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246mm 1.8-1.6mm 2,34€ 41563055
273mm 1.8-1.6mm 2,34€ 41563072
285mm 1.8-1.6mm 2,34€ 41568708
289mm 2.0-1.8mm 2,34€ 41568710
299mm 1.8-1.6mm 2,34€ 41568715
248mm 1.8-1.6mm 2,44€ 41570522
250mm 1.8-1.6mm 2,44€ 41570524
252mm 1.8-1.6mm 2,44€ 41570526
254mm 1.8-1.6mm 2,44€ 41570528
256mm 1.8-1.6mm 2,44€ 41570530
258mm 1.8-1.6mm 2,44€ 41570532
260mm 1.8-1.6mm 2,44€ 41570534
266mm 1.8-1.6mm 2,44€ 41570540
268mm 1.8-1.6mm 2,44€ 41570542
270mm 1.8-1.6mm 2,44€ 41570544
272mm 1.8-1.6mm 2,44€ 41570546
274mm 1.8-1.6mm 2,44€ 41570548
276mm 1.8-1.6mm 2,44€ 41570550
278mm 1.8-1.6mm 2,44€ 41570552
280mm 1.8-1.6mm 2,44€ 41570554
282mm 1.8-1.6mm 2,44€ 41570556
284mm 1.8-1.6mm 2,44€ 41570558
286mm 1.8-1.6mm 2,44€ 41570560
288mm 1.8-1.6mm 2,44€ 41570562
290mm 1.8-1.6mm 2,44€ 41570564
292mm 1.8-1.6mm 2,44€ 41570566
294mm 1.8-1.6mm 2,44€ 41570568
296mm 1.8-1.6mm 2,44€ 41570570
298mm 1.8-1.6mm 2,44€ 41570572
262mm 1.8-1.6mm 2,44€ 41571055
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DT Competition spoke

One of the most versatile spokes in the DT Swiss range. The special strength of the DT Competition® is created by cold forging. This makes it extremely durable and thanks to the thinner middle part it is 48 g lighter than a spoke with a continuous diameter of 1.8 mm. The balanced stability / weight ratio of the 2.0 mm version allows an extremely versatile use. Thanks to the butted center section, the weight savings here are 62 g.


Features of the DT Competition spoke

  • Weight (64 spokes, 264mm): 311g (1.8mm), 382g (2.0mm)
  • Extra thin middle section

Technical specifications

Specs 1.8mm 2.0mm
thread 1.8mm 2.0mm
Spoke head height 6.0mm 6.2mm
Diameter 1 1.8mm 2.0mm
Diameter 2 1.6mm 1.8mm
Diameter 3 1.8mm 2.0mm
Wide flat part (B) - -
Wide flat part (S) - -
E-bike suitable No No


Double butted
These spokes have two different diameters. The spoke is partially butted by cold forging. As a result, the diameter becomes smaller and thus enables a reduction in weight while at the same time improving the elongation values.


  • 1x DT Competition spoke (see article name for dimensions and length)

Set contains of 4 pieces DT Competition spoke (see article name for dimensions and length)

DT Competition spokes 246mm 1.8-1.6mm silver
DT Competition spokes 248mm 1.8-1.6mm silver

Über die Marke DT Swiss

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