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Continental Grand Prix road bike- wire bead tire black/black Skin

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Continental 28" road bike- tire 28-622 (700x28C) black/black Skin 28,86€ 41384209
Continental 26" road bike- tire 23-571 (650x23C) black/black Skin 28,86€ 41388400
Continental 28" road bike- tire 23-622 (700x23C) black/black Skin 28,86€ 41388401
Continental 28" road bike- tire 25-622 (700x25C) black/black Skin 28,86€ 41388403
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All-rounder with comfort. The Grand Prix is a classic all-rounder with a modern tread design for everyday and touring bikes. The tyre offers a perfect blend of puncture protection, comfort and easy rolling. It is characterised by extremely high mileage and makes every trip an trouble-free pleasure. An all-rounder with many qualities.


  • BlackChili Compound
  • PolyX Breaker®

BlackChili Compound
This unique tread rubber mixture which is only produced in Conti´s German factory has revolutionised bicycle tyres. The resultant compound showed a new relationship between grip and rolling resistance. This ‘Elevated level’, as it was previously known, was given the name ‘BlackChili’. Countless test wins that were shown in laboratory tests show a tangible benefit. The latest polymers, nanoscale soot particles and optimized fillers all guarantee a unique performance, from downhill MTB tyres to the time trial tyres of the ProTour, they are second to none in their respective areas. BlackChili Compound improves rolling resistance by 26 % and provides 30 % more grip than activated silica compounds. Premium tyres with BlackChili Compound also impress with higher mileage and unlike many multi-compounds, provide a constant ride from the first to the last kilometre.

PolyX Breaker®
With the PolyX Breaker®, Conti bring PKW know-how to the bicycle tyre segment: Polyester has been used successfully for years in car tyres and been tried and tested many times. The extremely resistant polyester fibre is woven tightly crosswise. In this way, a very high fabric density is reached which not only makes the Breaker more resistant to foreign objects but is also especially resistant to punctures. The rolling resistance is also not negatively affected by the PolyX Breaker®.

Continental Grand Prix 28" road bike- wire bead tire 28-622 (700x28C) black/black Skin

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