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Bontrager Adorn MTB- shoes ladies

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Item #
size 36.0 vice pink 100,83€ 91265533
size 37.0 vice pink 100,83€ 91265535
size 38.0 vice pink 100,83€ 91265537
size 39.0 vice pink 100,83€ 91265539
size 40.0 vice pink 100,83€ 91265541
size 41.0 vice pink 100,83€ 91265543
size 42.0 vice pink 100,83€ 91265545
size 43.0 vice pink 100,83€ 91266938
size 36.0 gravel/teal 100,83€ 91269252
size 37.0 gravel/teal 100,83€ 91269253
size 38.0 gravel/teal 100,83€ 91269254
size 39.0 gravel/teal 100,83€ 91269255
size 40.0 gravel/teal 100,83€ 91269256
size 41.0 gravel/teal 100,83€ 91269257
size 42.0 gravel/teal 100,83€ 91269258
size 43.0 gravel/teal 100,83€ 91269259
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Bontrager`s Adorn MTB shoe for women for highest trail performance

Do you hear the call? The Adorn is the high-performance, versatile off-road women's shoe that awakens the spirit of adventure among all trail riders. The grippy Tachyon rubber sole provides a confident appearance in walking sections, while the sturdy GnarGuard reinforcement provides protection against all the debris on the trail.


  • inForm Race last offers a slightly more generous, high-performance fit
  • Fiberglass reinforced nylon inner plate with Tachyon rubber sole
  • Reliable 3-strap Velcro system
  • Stiffness index: 6 out of 14
  • GnarGuard trimmings protect against scrub and dirt
  • Women Specific Design is designed specifically for women for a better fit and comfort


  • 1 pair Bontrager Adorn MTB shoes women (see item description for details)
Bontrager Adorn MTB- shoes ladies size 36.0 vice pink
Bontrager Adorn MTB- shoes ladies size 43.0 vice pink
Bontrager Adorn MTB- shoes ladies size 36.0 gravel/teal

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