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Bell Super DH MIPS 2019

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Item #
DH-Enduro-helmet size S (52-56cm) mat/gloss dark gray/bright green/black 237,78€ 81211567
DH-Enduro- helmet size M (55-59cm) mat/gloss dark gray/bright green/black 237,78€ 81211568
DH-Enduro-helmet size L (58-62cm) mat/gloss dark gray/bright green/black 237,78€ 81211569
DH-Enduro- helmet size M (55-59cm) mat/gloss slate/orange 252,00€ 81211571
DH-Enduro-helmet size L (58-62cm) mat/gloss slate/orange 252,00€ 81211572
DH-Enduro-helmet size S (52-56cm) mat/gloss crimson/black 243,73€ 81211564
DH-Enduro- helmet size M (55-59cm) mat/gloss crimson/black 243,73€ 81211565
DH-Enduro-helmet size L (58-62cm) mat/gloss crimson/black 243,73€ 81211566
DH-Enduro- helmet size M (55-59cm) mat/gloss black/berry/blue 243,73€ 81211562
DH-Enduro-helmet size L (58-62cm) mat/gloss black/berry/blue 243,73€ 81211563
DH-Enduro-helmet size S (52-56cm) mat black/white fasthouse 243,73€ 81211558
DH-Enduro- helmet size M (55-59cm) mat black/white fasthouse 243,73€ 81211559
DH-Enduro-helmet size L (58-62cm) mat black/white fasthouse 243,73€ 81211560
Gr. S (52-56cm) matte/gloss black - VORFÜHRTEIL - OHNE OVP 243,73€ V1211171
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The Bell SUPER DH MIPS® bike helmet

Take the versatility of our bestseller Super 3R and put it in a premium helmet for steep descents, combining our sophisticated MIPS Spherical Energy Management with our comfortable Float Fit DH Technolgy, and you get our Super DH.
Designed to run high in downhill competitions and in bicycle parks; the Super DH is an uncompromising champion. In addition to the protection afforded by the MIPS Spherical, the Super DH features many other features: a 360 degree wrap-around, tool-free removable chin guard that withstands even the toughest of tests; a large viewing window for optimal fit of your goggles and the Google, an adjustable visor, snap-in camera mount, Overbrow ventilation and X-Static padding, as well as a high-quality fit that looks the same.
The result is uncompromising protection and performance, as well as tremendous versatility. The Super DH looks forward to the World Cup downhill race with serenity and feels as much at home in your bike park as it does in the mountains for hours on end, looking for the perfect track to singletrack.


  • Fusion In-Mold Polycarbonate Shell
  • Float Fit DH ™ w / Fidlock® Buckle
  • Overbrow Ventilation ™
  • Wraparound Chin Bar
  • MIPS® Spherical
  • 850 g
  • S 52-56 cm, M 55-59 cm, L 58-62 cm

Applied technologies

In this chapter, we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

Overbrow Ventilation ™
The Overbrow Ventilation ™ system directs cool air from the forehead into the helmet through deep inlets. Specially designed air ducts guide the airflow unhindered around the head and the warm air out of the helmet. Deep air inlets over the forehead bring cooling air into the helmet.

Fusion In-Mold Polycarbonate Shell
The EPS foam is injected into the thin Microshell shell while it is still in the mold (or the "mold", which explains the name) is located, instead of forming them separately and stick later. This process was first introduced by Bell and is today the standard for all sophisticated helmets.

Progressive Layering ™
Progressive Layering is a two-layer construction of the inner helmet with different degrees of hardness. By strategically positioning the softer EPS foam on the helmet side and the harder foam on the outside of the helmet, the impact energy in the event of a fall can be better absorbed and distributed.

Float Fit DH ™
Comfortable and secure helmet adjustment system with easy-to-use, rubberized thumb wheel.

Wraparound Protection ™
The removable Super 2R chin guard is a great solution for all trail riders who do not want to give up extra protection. For long climbs or sweaty XC sections simply remove and attach to the hydration pack. If you move in more demanding terrain, mounting the protective chin guard is a 3-step affair. The innovative closure design allows a tool-free adjustment of the chin guard to the helmet. • WARNING: All chin straps have limits, although protective clothing can cause serious injury or death to sport. Observe the instructions in the operating instructions before using the helmet.

goggleguide ™ adjustable visor
The adjustable GoggleGuide ™ Visor System holds the goggles securely in place. The visor can be easily pushed upwards and offers enough space on the helmet to "park" the glasses on the helmet. If you are traveling without a visor, the short goggle retention arms are used. They hold the spectacle strap securely in place and prevent the glasses from slipping upwards.

Integrated Breakaway Camera Mount
Bell's built-in camera mount allows seamless and wobble-free mounting of the portable action camera without the need for double-sided tape or cable ties. The detachable attachment fits perfectly into the ventilation hole at the top of the helmet, keeping the camera in the ideal position and leaving no marks on the helmet after disassembly.

No-Twist tri-glides ™
It depends on the details. Our latest harness system is easy to adjust, keeps the straps flat and prevents them from twisting - which also helps to take a few watts from the wind.

Sweat Guide ™
The Sweat Guide ™ Pad wicks sweat away from the eyebrows and sunglasses.

X-Static® and XT-2® Padding
The X-Static® pads are woven with silver threads. Quick-drying and antibacterial they have an anti-odor effect. In addition, the X-Static® pads give the driver a cooling sensation in the heat and a warming sensation in the cold due to their thermal properties.

MIPS® Spherical
In the Super DH, the MIPS system was sandwiched between two layers of foam. A harder EPS and a softer EPP layer, each of these layers has a thin hard shell. The outer layer slides over the inner like a ball joint and is thereby held by MIPS elastomers. This guarantees the mobility of the helmet against the head in the event of a fall and can help to prevent serious brain damage.

Fidlock® Buckle
The FIDLOCK® magnetic closure closes automatically and can be easily opened by sliding it sideways with just two fingers. The operation with only one hand is possible even with gloves quickly and effortlessly.


  • 1x Bell Super DH Mips DH Enduro Helmet (see item description for details)

The Parachute MCR with MIPS from MET

It is vitally important that MET design products for their consumers that are innovative, inspiring and safe. Parachute MCR ist MET`s convertible full-face helmet developed for enduro, all-mountain and e-MTB riding.

Perfect in fitting and Design


Parachute MCR - Magnetic Chinbar Release instantly converts from full to open-face helmet and back. MCR is MET`s patent-pending system created in partnership with Fidlock.


MET Parachute MCR reflects their enduro heritage. Evolving from its iconic forerunner the Parachute MCR was developed and tested in collaboration with pro riders around the world.


Featuring the MIPS brain protection system you have the the highest level of protection from linear and rotational impacts. On the top of that they`ve added their unique flexible injected visor to avoid extra rotation of the neck in case of a crash.


  • Flexible injected visor: The visor is flexible injected to adapt to the shell of the helmet. This unique feature helps to manage extra rotational forces transferred to your neck in a crash.
  • Adjustable visor: The visor has two adjustable positions to allow storage of googles and sunglasses.
  • Ventilation: All MET helmets are known for how ventilated they are. 21 vents and the MET engineered internal air channeling work in synergy with the breathable chinbar to maximize the airflow at low and high speed.
  • Cheek-pads are removable and washable: The Parachute MCR also comes with two sizes of pads in the box to help you to find the perfect fit and comfort.
  • BOA Fit System: The BOA-FS1 features incremental adjustment forward and backward to deliver a precise and adaptable fit. The belt runs 360° around the head to avoid any pressure points, optimizing comfort.
  • Magnetic Fidlock: The magnetic Fidlock strap fastening system makes securing the helmet simple.
  • MIPS Brain Protection System: The MIPS-C2 solution seperates the shell and the liner with a thin plastic Low Friction Layer (LFL). This LFL, attached with 3-4 rubber elastomers, allows the helmet to slide relative to the head in the case of a crash, redirecting damaging rotational motion.
  • Weight: ca. 840g (fullface) / ca. 455g (open helmet) for size M

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x MET Parachute MCR MIPS fullface helmet (see item description for details)
  • including cheek pads

Product video

Bell Super DH MIPS DH-Enduro-helmet size S (52-56cm) mat/gloss dark gray/bright green/black 2019
Bell Super DH MIPS DH-Enduro- helmet size M (55-59cm) mat/gloss slate/orange 2019
Bell Super DH MIPS DH-Enduro-helmet size S (52-56cm) mat/gloss crimson/black 2019
Bell Super DH MIPS DH-Enduro- helmet size M (55-59cm) mat/gloss black/berry/blue 2019
Bell Super DH MIPS DH-Enduro-helmet size S (52-56cm) mat black/white fasthouse 2019
Bell Super DH MIPS DH-Enduro-Helm Gr. S (52-56cm) matte/gloss black Mod. 2019 - VORFÜHRTEIL - OHNE OVP
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