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Assos Uma GT Wind jacket ladies

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The windproof Uma GT women's jacket

Few cyclists set out without a windproof shell. It should be part of your basic equipment all year round. ASSOS has now developed a windproof shell jacket for women that is limited to the essentials. It offers important protection and, with its fair price, is part of the essential ASSOS basic wardrobe. The jacket is a core piece for their in-house test team and they have equipped the front with their race-proven Foil Ultra fabric and provided it with revised side panels made of the particularly stretchy and breathable, internally developed Glossy fabric. The revised two-layer collar construction and raglan sleeves improve elasticity and comfort while you cycle.

Cyclists who always have a windproof shell with them also appreciate valuable packing volume. That calls for a product that can be easily put in your pocket while driving. The UMA GT wind jacket fulfills all of these requirements. Thanks to our revised long-distance design, this uncomplicated shell jacket impresses with important protection with minimal volume.


  • Long distance: A body-hugging performance fit that isn't quite as narrow as that of their Aero Racing collection. The best of both worlds, where comfort and speed meet
  • Foil Ultra: A windproof, water-repellent, light and extremely stretchable ripstop fabric
  • Glossy: This windproof warp knit fabric stands out with side panels that offer stretch and breathability
  • Stretch mesh: Used on the back of the shell to increase ventilation and improve shape while riding
  • Two-layer neck construction: For the best freedom of movement and comfort during strenuous journeys. The double-layer construction on the neck improves elasticity
  • Raglan cut: A comfortable sleeve design with a raglan cut for freedom of movement and less air resistance
  • Doesn't rustle: This model was made of rustle-free fabric for the greatest possible silence
  • Permanently water-repellent coating (DWR): Since the sun does not always shine continuously, ASSOS has provided this garment with a permanently water-repellent DWR coating
  • Visibility: With the divaPink color scheme, you will be better perceived by other road users.
  • Continuous camLock zipper: Narrow, light zipper that can be opened and closed depending on the weather conditions
  • Extremely light and stowable : As a cyclist, ASSOS understands the needs and limitations that you face on every journey. The space to carry all your essentials is limited, so they have worked tirelessly on products with the lowest weight and good compressibility. Nobody wants to feel like a packhorse when driving in changeable weather conditions. That's why we strived for the right balance between weight, pack size and performance. Their concept is to manufacture products that exceed your expectations so that you always have protection up your sleeve. This concept includes minimal pack size and minimal seams.

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  • 1 x Assos Uma GT wind jacket women (see item description for details)
Assos Uma GT Wind jacket ladies size L galaxyPink
Assos Uma GT Wind jacket ladies size L blackSeries

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