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Assos Équipe RS Spring Fall Aero vest no sleeve men blackSeries

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The Equipe RS Spring Fall cycling vest offers weather protection

When it comes to racing, fewer shifts are more. And ASSOS has perfected the wearing of our clothes in layers over the years. Too many layers will make you too hot, too few will cool your core, and your body will struggle to keep your muscles and joints at temperature. Fortunately for them, the ASSOS product team and the test drivers are very familiar with this area.

In contrast to your conventional wafer-thin emergency wind vest, the aero vest was explicitly designed for the very special requirements in competition. The goal is to enable top performance in constantly changing weather conditions. For the implementation, they mainly used two materials: a technically highly complex three-layer softshell material called 2XS for the front and a lighter, more breathable material for the back, namely their proven push-pull material, which they use to make the pockets of their jerseys. 2XS is the youngest member of the Stratagon family: a flexible material with a membrane that shields cool wind and splashing water and at the same time locks in the valuable body heat around your core. The open knit structure of the Push Pull material is extremely stretchy and light, which creates a back section that is breathable and moisture-wicking from top to bottom. As sportswear for races, the vest was kept simple. This leads to less weight, more aerodynamics and makes them seamlessly combinable with arm warmers and other items of clothing. Thanks to the open-edged hems and pre-formed fabric parts, a very compact vest was created that warms and protects your upper body during the race.


  • 2XS: This three-layer windproof, extremely breathable softshell material with a warming and at the same time moisture-absorbing membrane and a roughened surface for an extra soft feel is used on the front. Water column:> 10 000 mm
  • Push Pull: The main material was made from the push pull material that you developed in-house, which has a high level of UV protection (USF 50+). This quick-drying fine knitted fabric with bi-stretch is characterized by high breathability and high wearing comfort
  • 2-way zipper: zipper with opening / closing lock that can be opened in two directions and has an anchor at the end for stabilization - for easy, one-handed operation
  • Raw Cut: The sleeves are processed with open edges, creating a soft, aerodynamic design that can be seamlessly combined with other layers of clothing
  • aeroFit: ASSOS` narrowest fit, which is specially designed for speed and fits closer than your racingFit, which also offers a higher degree of compression. Outside of the driving position it can feel restrictive, but it fits like a second skin while driving
  • Reflective strip : A wide strip of reflective material runs vertically along the back to make you more visible

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Assos Équipe RS Spring Fall Aero vest sleeveless men (see item description for details)
Assos Équipe RS Spring Fall Aero vest no sleeve men size S blackSeries

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