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    About Ambrosio


    The Ambrosio brand dates back to the early twentieth century. At that time there were those who wondered wheels and handlebars products used in the early pioneering competitions: they were all made by Ambrosio. Ambrosio was born in Turin and maintained a leadership position until the sixties, when a severe financial crisis brought the prestigious torch brand to close its doors. It is in this period that Ambrosio and family Marzorati (still the majority shareholder) roads cross by capturing the prestigious brand and creating the basis of its revival at all levels. The “Marzorati Cerchi”, founded in 1941 by Piero Marzorati, wasn’t producing racing rims still, but acquiring the new brand pushes up the design of a new range of innovative products in order to return to professional racing. The result of this work will lead to hundreds of victories in major events by working with champions such as: Moser, Saronni, Hinault, Lemond, Argentin, Fondriest, Bugno, Armstrong, Freire, Rebellin, Bettini...

    We were the first to produce and market lenticular carbon fiber wheels, among the first to produce wheels for mountain bikes in Europe, and we were among the few in the world to produce racing wheels for tubular welded aluminum for professional use.

    A blend of tradition, innovation and technology that allows us to offer the best in wheels, rims, clinchers and tubulars.

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